Sachin Sports Industries, is a group of companies was founded by Mr. Rattan Lal that exports Composite Field Hockey Sticks and Other Sports Goods. Sialkot is traditionally a city known for the Quality of Craftsmanship in it’s small cottage industry based on economy. Today the cottage industries have given way to large scale manufacturing units and the city has become the largest sports goods manufacturing hub in Pakistan.

Sachin Sports is a leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Composite And Wooden sports items and other relevant sports accessories. Composite Hockey sticks and other composite products are producing with the formulation of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Glass Fiber & Zylon. We are a company that offers innovative solutions in the design, development and manufacture of parts in composite material, always trying to integrate in an exclusive way, technology and personalisation.

We are a team of Engineers and Experience workers with more than twenty five years of Experience in the world of composite materials, throughout which we have developed projects in sectors as diverse as automotive and Sports. Sachin Sports has the capacity to produce the 10,000 Wooden and 10,000 Composite Hockey stick Per Month. Whereas the Monthly Production Capacity for the Padel Rackets is 21,000 per Month. And adding these number in our Glove Production figures which which add up to 12,000 pairs per month, Making us one of the Top Manufacturers in Sialkot Pakistan.

However, as more and more companies started to outsource their production to developing countries, Mr. Sachin Kumar saw this as a opportunity to install stitching machines in 2020 and supply the martial arts uniforms to international brands. Although, Sachin Sports started out at a small scale, making only handcrafted uniforms, but with the determination and commitment of Mr Sachin Kumar, Soon Sachin Sports Industries started working with Renowned buyer in US combat sport industry…..